Refresh Parameters in a Tableau Data Story

If you’ve added a parameter to your dashboard and are using Data Stories, you’ll notice that clicking the parameter refreshes your visualization, but not the story. This happens because the parameter doesn’t refresh the underlying data like a filter does.

To refresh your Tableau Data Story with the parameter data, add a "refresh" button to your dashboard that updates your story to align with your parameter.

  1. Create a new sheet in your workbook.
  2. Create a Calculated Field in the new sheet with the following info:

Name: Refresh

Contents: "refresh"

A calculated field that is named "Refresh" and contains the word “refresh”

  1. Click OK, and then drag the new calculated field (Refresh) onto your new sheet.
  2. Right-click the field and click Show Header to hide the header.

The open menu for Refresh with “Show Header” selected.

  1. Choose a shape for your button.

The open menu for the Mark with Square selected.

  1. Return to your dashboard and drag the sheet containing the refresh button onto your dashboard next to the parameter.
  2. Hover over the button, select More Options, and click Title to hide the title.
  3. Hover over the button and click Use as Filter.

The object is selected, the filter icon is clicked, and “Use as Filter” is selected.

  1. Adjust your parameter and then click on the new refresh button. The button updates your story to align with the parameter.
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