Step 6: Build your base Image and Publish

Build your base image with the drivers, then publish the image to your Docker container registry.

The supported base image is

Each pool can have its own unique base image and set of drivers.

  1. Login to any node in your kubernetes cluster. Install docker and git.

    sudo dnf module install -y container-tools
    sudo dnf install -y git podman-docker
  2. Create the Dockerfile.

    touch Dockerfile
  3. Update the Dockerfile to include your desired drivers (ex. Dockerfile).

    # example base 
    RUN yum -y update
    # Go to
    # Follow the instructions to install your drivers for linux
    CMD [“/bin/bash”]
  4. Build the container which will be used as your base image.

    docker build -f <path_to_dockerfile> -t user/redhat/ubi8
  5. Set variable POOL_ID with the value of your bridge pool id. In the tableau website, click in the bridge pool name, and it will show a dialog with the pool id value.
  6. Add a tag to the image in the format "bridge-base:$POOL_ID".

    docker tag user/redhat/ubi8:8.7
  7. Get credentials to access the local k8s container registry.

    sudo kubectl get secrets -n dc-system -o
    jsonpath='{.data.\.dockerconfigjson}' dockerconfigjson | base64 -d
  8. Login and push the image to the local container registry.

    docker login --username $REGISTRY_USERNAME $REGISTRY_HOSTNAME
    docker push $REGISTRY_HOSTNAME/bridge-base:$POOL_ID
  9. Notify the Tableau team when these steps are complete at: The team will finalize the cluster formation and notify you when it is ready for use.

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