Connect Tableau Cloud Web Authoring to Salesforce Data Cloud

The Salesforce Data Cloud connector was released in Tableau Cloud October 2023. This connector seamlessly connects Tableau to Data Cloud, and is available for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Cloud, Tableau Server, and Tableau Prep.

Benefits of the Salesforce Data Cloud Connectors

  • The connector eliminates the additional step to install the connector with a Taco file and a JDBC driver.
  • The connector is data spaces aware with improved usability that shows the object label in Tableau connect UI instead of the object API name.
  • The connector is powered by accelerated queries.

Note: The Customer Data Platform connector was deprecated in October 2023 and can't be used for new connections. Existing workbooks, data sources, and other assets that use the Customer Data Platform connector will continue to work until the connector is completely removed, typically 1-2 releases after deprecation. To ensure that existing assets continue to function, Tableau strongly recommends customers modify existing assets to use the Salesforce Data Cloud connector.

Connect Tableau Cloud Web Authoring to the Customer Data Platform by completing the following steps.

  1. From an Explore page, select New, then Workbook. Or select the Data menu, then New Data Source.
  2. In the Connect to Data window, select the Connectors tab.
  3. Select Salesforce Data Cloud.
  4. Log in and allow access when prompted.
  5. Select the Data space. Data spaces represent a logical segregation of the data in Data Cloud. Data spaces didn't exist before the Salesforce June' 23 release.
  6. Use Object to filter by the type of Data Cloud object, or select All Objects.
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