Beginning in January 2022, Tableau Online supports connecting to and refreshing Salesforce CDP data using the OAuth standard.

To enable OAuth connections to Salesforce CDP data from Tableau Online there are a few necessary configuration steps that need to be performed in your Salesforce CDP account and in your Tableau Online site.


Enabling OAuth for Salesforce CDP requires both a Salesforce CDP admin and Tableau Online site admin.

Summary of steps

Setting up OAuth for Salesforce CDP consists of the following tasks:

  1. Configure Salesforce CDP APIs to allow queries to Salesforce CDP data (egress of data).
  2. Create a Salesforce connected app to handle OAuth delegation from Tableau Online.

Step 1: Configure Salesforce CDP APIs

As a Salesforce CDP admin, use the procedure described below to configure the Salesforce CDP APIs to enable queries to Salesforce CDP data (egress of data). The procedure will describe how to create two custom Salesforce CDP API scopes, cdpquery and cdpprofile.

  1. Log in to Salesforce CDP using the Admin user role for your organization and do the following:
    1. Go to Setup, and search for and select OAuth Custom Scopes.

    1. Create two custom scopes named cdpquery and cdpprofile.

  2. Sign in to Tableau Online as a site admin and do the following:
    1. From the browser's address bar, copy the first part of your Tableau Online URL, including the https protocol (for example,

    2. Replace <tableau_url> in the following authorization URL with the first part of your Tableau Online that you copied in step a:<tableau_url>/auth/add_oauth_token

      For example:

    3. Copy your version of the authorization URL and paste it in a web browser.

    4. Click Allow when prompted.

Step 2: Create a Salesforce connected app

After creating the Salesforce CDP API scopes, as the Salesforce CDP admin, use the procedure below to create a Salesforce connected app to handle OAuth delegation from Tableau Online.

Note: The following procedure documents the process in Salesforce Lightning. If you are using the traditional Salesforce interface, the navigation might be different but the configuration is the same.

  1. Back in your Salesforce CDP account, go to Setup, and then search for and select Connected Apps OAuth usage.

  2. Click the Install button next to Salesforce CDP Tableau Prod Connection.

  3. When prompted, click Install to confirm.

  4. Click Manage App Policies next to Salesforce CDP Tableau Prod Connection.

  5. Scroll down to OAuth Custom Scopes and click the Manage OAuth Custom Scopes

  6. Select cdpprofile and cdpquery check boxes, and then click Save.

When configured, all new Salesforce CDP connections from a Tableau Online site use the Salesforce CDP connected app by default.

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