The Tableau Mobile Deployment Guide

If you're a Tableau administrator, use this guide to deploy the Tableau Mobile app throughout your organization.

Tip: To see app features for users, check out the Tableau Mobile Overview.

App requirements

  • A mobile device with iOS 11 or later, or Android 5 or later

  • An account on either Tableau Online or Tableau Server 10.4 and later

Deploy the app without managing mobile devices

If your organization doesn't manage mobile devices or applications, ask your users to download Tableau Mobile directly to their mobile devices from the App Store or Google Play:

When updates to Tableau Mobile become available, they're handled by each device’s update service. If you'd like users to always have the latest version, instruct them to enable automatic app updates in their system settings.

Deploy the app with mobile device management

Mobile device management (MDM) systems control entire mobile devices, letting administrators remotely monitor, update, and remove any applications and data.

To make Tableau Mobile available to users from your internal app catalog, add it to your MDM system using the guidance below:

Note: Though other MDM providers might work with Tableau Mobile, they are not tested or supported by Tableau.

Deploy the app with mobile application management (iOS only)

With mobile application management (MAM) systems, administrators control and update specific applications, leaving personal applications and data untouched.

To make Tableau Mobile available to users from your internal app catalog, add it to your MAM system using the guidance below:

These vendor-specific versions of Tableau Mobile do not support editing, sharing, or downloading. They do, however, support slightly older devices running iOS 10 or later.

Disclaimer: Detailed MDM and MAM guidance is beyond the scope of Tableau documentation and support. For further assistance, contact your MDM or MAM vendor.

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