Executive Advocacy and Project Team

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Becoming a data-driven organization requires more than just choosing the right technology platform. It requires new skillsets, new processes, and changes in behavior from all users within your organization. Enterprise deployment requires effort and coordination across multiple stakeholders and users with different and sometimes opposing viewpoints and interests; however, each one will provide their own valuable perspective. Orchestrating this change, and doing it efficiently, requires buy-in, alignment, and participation from a broad set of cross-functional stakeholders.

Executive sponsors working with the project team need to consider not only how to scale the technology for the entire organization, but also the adequate support, training, change management, and the ability to overcome any organizational roadblocks. Maximizing analytics investments and capitalizing on the transformative potential of data means that everyone encountering it—regardless of skill levels and data fluency—must be able to turn insights into opportunities or innovations.

Forming the cross-functional steering committee and project teams is the first step towards becoming a data-driven organization. The input and skillsets of executives, IT and business stakeholders, and users are critical for buy-in, alignment, and ultimately, the project’s success. Together, they will be able to shape your organization’s vision for modern analytics most efficiently, working towards the common goal of making secure, governed data access a reality.

The topics in this section outline the key roles for building a culture of analytics and how they are interconnected. The Roles and Responsibilities tab of the Tableau Blueprint Planner will help you define and document your executive sponsor steering committee and project team members.

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