Tableau Support Processes

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If you need to open a case with Tableau Support, follow the steps in the Submitting a Case From the Webform Knowledge Base article.


In addition to the proactive steps you’ve taken with self-service help resources and education initiatives published on your enablement intratnet, your user community should be able to request more support in case these two approaches do not answer their question or resolve the issue. If a user cannot find the help they need, then they are more likely to become frustrated and abandon Tableau, which will negatively impact adoption targets.

Like other enterprise platforms, you should define the support escalation path for Tableau, considering the next levels of support that will be available and which team will be responsible for the resolution. Customers have successfully established community-led support by using champion-created content, and escalating to the analytics or IT team for system-level issues, such as server and database access. Log and categorize these requests to analyze the support data and identify opportunity areas for new content on the enablement intranet, user group topics, and educational needs. An example of an internal support escalation path is: 

  • Department or team champion
  • Channel-based communication or chat
  • Data doctor office hours
  • Analytics support ticket

Additionally, there are a number of self-help resources are provided by Tableau:

  • Knowledge base with step-by-step instructions to resolve problems
  • Tableau Community forums to find answers from other Tableau users worldwide
  • Support hub with alerts, drivers, release notes, known issues, and FAQs
  • Tableau Trust for status of the Tableau Cloud and Tableau Public
  • Twitter support with updates trending technical support issues, popular KB articles, and more

Through a variety of interactions, you need to support your user community, encourage collaboration, and remove the obstacles to using data and analytics effectively. This document outlines the tactics to develop Tableau champions, connect people with peer-to-peer assistance, and define the support escalation path.

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