Modern Analytics Workflow

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The Modern Analytics Workflow empowers people to ask and answer their own questions with data, enables people to easily share their insights with their team and the rest of the organization, and ensures that the data supporting their decisions is accurate, trusted, and secure. The workflow is comprised of five key actions: Access & View, Interact, Analyze & Discover, Share, and Promote & Govern.

Modern Analytics Workflow


The actions of the Modern Analytics Workflow are executed by the following roles:

  • IT and/or BI Professionals — Tableau Server Administrators install, manage, monitor, and maintain a Tableau deployment. Server Administrators, or by delegation to Site Administrators, perform user provisioning, maintain security and permissions, and provide governance oversight. For Tableau Cloud, IT Professionals will integrate with your existing technology investments, such as authentication and data connectivity, while Tableau Cloud Site Administrators will perform user provisioning, maintain security and permissions, and provide governance oversight. In both Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud, administration can be scoped to the project level using Project Leader permissions.
  • Content Creators — Tableau Creators are licensed with Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, and full Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud authoring capabilities, including connecting to data, to create content. Tableau Explorers perform all authoring within Web Authoring with existing content. Site Administrators and Tableau Creators or Tableau Explorers with the appropriate permissions can validate, promote, and certify content.
  • Information Consumers — Tableau Viewers access, view, and interact with content in Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, including desktop, tablet, and phone. Server and Site Administrators, Creators, and Explorers can consume content as well.

With increasing analytical skills, the boundaries between these roles become more fluid as someone can switch from consuming to creating to promoting content, assuming the appropriate license and permissions.


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