External Tableau Activities

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External activities, outside your company, are organized by Tableau or Tableau Community leaders. You should encourage users to attend these activities as well. For a full list of scheduled community events, visit Events and Conferences. The following external activities are covered in this section:

  • Area Tableau User Group – customer-led sessions held in major cities around the world
  • Virtual Tableau User Group – online meetings hosted by customers or Tableau
  • Tableau Public Virtual Challenges – community-led programs with a skill-building focus
  • Tableau Community Forums – places to join discussions, browse topics, ask questions, and share insights
  • Tableau Roadshows – Tableau-hosted events in coordination with product launches
  • Tableau Conference – annual customer conference held in both the US and Europe
  • Iron Viz - Tableau’s annual data visualization contest

Area Tableau User Group

A Tableau User Group is a customer-organized event that creates a place for users to learn, collaborate, and network. With over 250 worldwide, Tableau User Groups are organized by geographical regions and are most commonly held at office spaces or universities. Hosting a Tableau User Group is beneficial to both the host and attendees—it’s free onsite training for employees and great exposure for creating visibility in the community!

Virtual Tableau User Group

Industry user groups are often run by customers. Here, more people are able to connect with their peers in 14 active industry groups: Server Admin, Healthcare, Government, K-12, Law, Retail, Data + Women, Nonprofit, Insurance, Higher Education, OEM Partners, Travel & Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Loss Prevention.

Tableau Public Virtual Challenges

All Tableau users should consider joining Tableau Public, a free platform that allows you to explore, create, and share interactive visualizations using publicly available data online. That last part is important. Make sure the data you share on Public is, well, available for public consumption. Check out A Beginner's Guide to Tableau Public for guidance on building a strong Tableau Public profile and building your network!

Using Tableau Public to participate in Tableau Community-hosted events provides anyone that's using or learning Tableau with valuable practice and a large community to learn from and network with. These events, run by Tableau Community Leaders and Tableau Visionaries, inspire others, demonstrate different ways to solve problems, and offer different perspectives for applying Tableau. This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list of Data Fam challenges:

Makeover Monday helps you improve your data visualization and analysis skills by exploring different perspectives and approaches to a data visualization. With participants from around the world, Makeover Monday is a weekly learning and development session hosted by Tableau Community Leaders and Visionaries. Every Monday, participants start with a given data set and create better, more effective visualizations. Consider time-boxing yourself to one hour, just to make something quick.

Workout Wednesday will help you grow your Tableau skills by testing your knowledge of Tableau. Participants in these weekly challenges are asked to replicate the challenge as closely as possible. When you think you have it, leave a comment with a link to your visualization, and post a pic on Twitter for others to enjoy. You should aim to complete challenges within one hour, and solutions are provided for all challenges if you get stuck.

For more information and a more extensive list of Tableau Community-hosted virtual challenges, check out Tableau Public’s Community Resources page.

Tableau Community Forums

The Tableau Community Forums is a place to get your Tableau questions answered, collaborate with others and a space to help you get the most out of Tableau. Have a question or want to help other users? Explore the Forums – every day, customers and partners are discussing best practice, helping other users and working together. You can also connect with other users in your industry, region or role across various Community User Groups to drive better analysis and collaborate. Finally, we want you, our Community members, to determine the future of Tableau by browsing product Ideas and upvoting ones you would like to become part of the product.

Tableau Conference

Customers come to Tableau Conference to learn how to be faster, gain inspiration, network with other attendees, and build lasting connections. Whether you’re new to data analytics or a seasoned pro, Tableau Conference has the content you need to kick your skills into high gear. From lectures and hands-on training to collaboration sessions, meetups, and Tableau Doctor appointments, Tableau Conference has something for every learning style, including Tableau- and customer-led breakout sessions, training workshops, and certifications. The events are held in the US (Tableau Conference) and Europe (Tableau Conference Europe) annually. Join the conversation about Tableau Conference in this user group board in the Tableau Community Forums.

Iron Viz Competition

Iron Viz is Tableau’s own data visualization contest, giving you the opportunity to compete with data rockstars from around the world. The winners of a series of topic-themed virtual qualifier competitions determine the finalists who advance to a live on-stage championship at either Tableau Conference Europe or Tableau Conference. Find out about the schedule and more here.

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