Tableau Education

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People who realize the full potential of analytical insights can do powerful things with their data. But having a platform like Tableau and access to data isn't enough; organizations need to assure that their employees are prepared to use the tools at their disposal effectively. Additionally, businesses need accountability systems in place to make sure that technology is being adopted and used.

No one-size-fits-all model can successfully train and enable employees with a vast diversity of skills and backgrounds. Organizations need scalable, thoughtful plans to train and enable users who support every area of their Tableau deployments. Without these plans, analytics programs of any size risk failure.

From acknowledging the importance of data to adapting to modern analytics standards around presentation, distribution, and complexity, project team members must develop an education plan to raise the “analytical IQ” across their departments and teams. In addition to Tableau-specific skills, users need an understanding of the company-specific processes for working with data and comfort with technologies that help them to develop data-related skills.

This topic outlines our recommended approach to educating and enabling people throughout the enterprise to get full value out of your data in Tableau.

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