REST API Requirements

The REST API is permanently enabled for Tableau Cloud. It is enabled by default on all supported versions of Tableau Server. While it is possible to disable REST traffic on Server, we strongly recommend that you maintain the enabled setting. Disabling the REST API will disrupt the functionality of a broad range of Tableau features. It will not improve performance or enhance security. Functionality impacted by disabling the REST API includes:

  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Collections
  • Content Management Tool
  • Personal Spaces
  • Tableau Prep (including publishing Flow output)
  • Tableau Metadata API
  • Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool

If you choose to disable the REST API on your Tableau Server installation, test the functionality you require carefully. To disable or enable the RESTĀ API, use the tsm configuration set(Link opens in a new window) command. Change the api.server.enabled(Link opens in a new window) setting to false to disable the API:

tsm configuration set -k api.server.enabled -v false

Note: In Tableau Server 2023.1 and later, the api.server.enabled key is deprecated. This means that you can't disable REST traffic on Server.

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