Here are the requirements for using the Tableau Server REST API:

  • Tableau Server version: To program with the REST API, you need Tableau Server 9.0 or a later version. Some methods were added in later versions of Tableau Server. The documentation for individual API methods indicates the version of Tableau Server that's required for using that method.

  • API enabled: By default, Tableau Server is installed with the REST API enabled, but it can be disabled. To disable or enable the REST API, use the tsm configuration set(Link opens in a new window) command. Change the api.server.enabled(Link opens in a new window) setting to true to enable the API or false to disable the API.

  • Tableau Prep and Tableau Catalog (or Tableau Metadata API): The REST API must be enabled to publish flow output from Prep and to perform a set of tasks using Catalog (or Metadata API).

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