Use the Tableau JavaScript API to integrate Tableau visualizations into your own web applications.

Here are some of the things that you can do with the JavaScript API:

  • Display visualizations from Tableau Server, Tableau Public, and Tableau Cloud in web pages.
  • Dynamically load and resize visualizations.
  • Filter the data displayed in visualizations with HTML controls in the page.
  • Select marks in visualizations.
  • Respond to events in visualizations.
  • Export visualizations to an image or PDF file.

For information on the latest features of the JavaScript API, see What's New in the JavaScript API.

Get Started

  1. Create a web page and include the JavaScript API file from the Tableau Server that hosts your visualizations:

    <script src="https://YOUR-SERVER/javascripts/api/tableau-2.min.js"></script>
  2. Create a div element in the page body where you want to insert the Tableau visualization:

    <div id="vizContainer"></div>
  3. Write a function in a JavaScript file to display the visualization:

    function initViz() {
        var containerDiv = document.getElementById("vizContainer"),
        url = "https://YOUR-SERVER/views/YOUR-VISUALIZATION";
        var viz = new tableau.Viz(containerDiv, url);
  4. Call the function when the page is done loading:


    The result is below. To view the full code sample, see Basic Embed.


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