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Trusted Authentication

When you embed Tableau Server views into webpages, everyone who visits the page must be a licensed user on Tableau Server. When users visit the page they are prompted to sign in to Tableau Server before they can see the view. If you already have a way of authenticating users on the webpage or within your web application, you can avoid this prompt and save your users from having to sign in twice by setting up trusted authentication.

Trusted authentication simply means that you have set up a trusted relationship between Tableau Server and one or more web servers. When Tableau Server receives requests from these trusted web servers it assumes that your web server has handled whatever authentication is necessary.

If your web server uses SSPI (Security Support Provider Interface), you do not need to set up trusted authentication. You can embed views and your users will have secure access to them as long as they are licensed Tableau Server users and members of your Active Directory.

Note: Client browsers must be configured to allow third-party cookies if you want to use trusted authentication with embedded views.