Upgrading your RDS Instance

If you find that the current RDS instance you are using to host Tableau repository is a performance bottleneck, you can upgrade your RDS instance to a larger size. This topic describes the steps that you can use to upgrade your RDS instance.

  1. Back up Tableau Server Data.

  2. Stop Tableau Server:

    tsm stop

  3. After confirming that the server has shutdown, sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon RDS console at


  4. In the navigation pane, choose Databases and then choose the DB instance that you want to modify.
  5. Choose Modify. The Modify DB Instance page appears.
  6. Modify your RDS instance by setting the DB instance class to the one you want.
  7. Choose Apply immediately to make sure that the changes are applied straight away. For more detailed information, see Modifying a DB Instance Running the PostgreSQL Database Engine(Link opens in a new window) on AWS documentation site.
  8. Monitor the status of the RDS instance in the AWS console. It may take a while, but when the status shows as Available, you can start Tableau Server and resume normal operations:

    tsm start

Who can do this

Tableau Server Administrator who has have access to the Amazon RDS account can perform all the steps required to upgrade the Amazon RDS instance.

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