Enable Tableau Prep Conductor on your Tableau Online Site

Note: Tableau Bridge is not currently supported. You can only connect directly to cloud-hosted data sources. If you connect to on-premises data sources, you can convert those data sources to a published data source and connect using a Tableau Bridge client if Tableau Bridge is configured for the data source. For more information, see Publish a flow for Tableau Online.


Step 1: Install Tableau Prep Builder

Install Tableau Prep Builder on your local machine.

Step 2: Log into Tableau Online

  1. Sign into the server through the Server->Sign In menu. For more information about how to sign in to Tableau Online, see Sign In to Tableau Online.

  2. Verify that the flow run failure notifications is enabled for your site. This should be turned on by default.

  3. On the General page under Settings, make sure that the check box to send email notification for flow run failures is selected.

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