Step 3: Unpack the TAR File

The Tableau team will send you a .tar file to set up your cluster. Move the .tar file to your cluster node, unzip the tar file, and execute the bootstrapping script.

  1. Move the .tar file to your cluster node.

    cp <clustertar>.tar testuser@<clusterNodeIP>:~
  2. Connect to your cluster node using SSH and unpack the .tar file.

    tar -xvf <clustertar>.tar
  3. Install bzip2 if needed. For example:

    sudo apt install bzip2
  4. Provide elevated execution permissions to the setup script.

    chmod +x
  5. Execute the unpacked script.

  6. After successfully executing the bootstrapping script, notify the Tableau team for them to begin the provisioning of your cluster.

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