Explore data

Interact with views to explore data in different ways, discover new insights, and share your findings with others.

Interact with views

To interact with views, connect to a server and do the following:

  1. On the Favorites, Recents, or All tabs, select a workbook or sheet.

  2. If you're on the Favorites tab, tap the snapshot image to access the live view.

In Tableau Mobile, you interact with data much like you do in web views of Tableau Server or Tableau Online. To select an individual mark, you tap it; to select multiple marks, you tap and drag. You can also filter views, navigate maps, and collaborate with colleagues. For more details, see Using Tableau on the Web in the main Tableau Help.

Tip: Many view options are available from the menu at upper right, though you'll see them in a toolbar if your organization uses Tableau Server 10.1 and prior.

Drill down on hierarchical data

To drill down on a hierarchical dimension (for example, from state to county), tap a field header, and then tap the plus sign. To move back up in a hierarchy after you've drilled all the way down, click the minus sign.

Annotate and share views (iOS only)

Highlight compelling data with drawn lines and text, and then share an image of your annotated view via email, instant-messaging, and other apps. If your recipients want to dig deeper, they can click links to the original, interactive view on Tableau Online or Tableau Server.

  1. To the upper-right of a view, tap the app menu (...), and then tap Share.

  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the pencil, select a line width and color, and then draw on the view. Or tap the letters Aa and type a text note, which you can drag, resize, or recolor so it visually stands out.

  3. At the top of the screen, tap Send.

Edit views (iPad only)

With appropriate permissions and a tablet, you can edit views to change the presentation of underlying data and save your changes to the server. With Tableau Mobile, you can easily perform common tasks like adding and removing fields, changing view types, modifying calculations, changing field types and aggregations, and using filters and parameters.

  1. On Favorites, Recents, or All, select the view you want to change. On Favorites, also tap the snapshot image to access the live view.

  2. Tap Edit or choose it from the menu at upper right.

Create and edit calculated fields

Tableau Mobile supports some of the advanced calculation editing features that come with Tableau Desktop.

  • To create a new calculated field, in the Data pane, tap the Dimensions drop-down arrow, and then tap Create Calculated Field.

  • To edit an existing calculation, tap a field in the view—for example, on the Rows or Columns shelf or the Marks card—and then select Edit in Shelf.

When you create a new calculation, use the following techniques to let the calculation editor help you build your calculation:

  • Auto-complete functions: Start typing to show a list of available functions that start with your text string. Browse the list or continue typing to narrow it, and then select the function you want.

  • Drag to add fields: Drag fields from the Data pane to the calculation editor.

  • Get tips to resolve errors: If your calculation contains errors, tap the red error message at the bottom of the calculation editor to get a tip for resolving the error.

For more information, browse the topics under Calculated Fields in the main Tableau Help.

Collapsing and expanding panes and shelves

When you’re editing, tap the view to collapse the Data pane, Filters and other shelves, and the Marks card. Tap the collapsed panes to expand them again.

When you collapse panes to create more space for editing a view, the collapsed-pane icons represent these view elements:

Icon Represents
Number of dimensions (blue) or measures (green) used in the view.
Sets and parameters.
Number of fields used on the Columns and Rows shelves.
Number of filters in use.
Mark types—the icons shown here are examples. The available icons depend on the mark types used in your view.
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