Search and sort views and workbooks

On the Favorites, Recents, or All tabs, you can use the search bar and sort attributes to narrow the scope or rearrange the way views and workbooks appear.

Find text in any searchable field

To find items that contain a particular text string in the project name, title, view owner, or other metadata, tap in the Search box, and then type the text string.

Filter searches by owner, project, format, and tag (iOS only)

Use filters to narrow the scope of a search. The Format filter, for example, focuses searches on either workbooks or views.

  1. Tap Add Filter, and then select Owner Name, Project, Format, or Tag.

  2. Tap an available value. If the list is long, limit it by entering a search at the top of the filter menu.

    Repeat these steps to filter by additional attributes, further refining your search.

Filter searches using additional attributes

To filter searches using additional attributes, type in the Search box, and use special syntax. For example, to find title elements that contain the word "profit," type the following:


You can combine attributes to further refine searches. In the following example, we're searching for views containing both "profit" in title elements and the phrase "monthly change" in field names. (The search box supports standard phrase and wildcard search operators.)

title:profit field:"monthly change"

Here are all the search attributes you can use in the Tableau Mobile app:

This attribute… Followed by… Returns…
project: search text Projects with the search text in their names.
name: Items in which a sheet name contains the search text.
title: Items that have a title element that contains the search text.
field: Views with field names that contain the search text. Searches fields on rows, columns, details, pages, or encoding shelves.



Items that include captions, comments, or tags that contain the search text.


user name (display name for Tableau Online) Items published by users whose names contain the search text.
sheettype: "view," "dashboard," or "story" Items that are of the specified sheet type.
nviews: number Workbooks with the specified number of sheets (including views, dashboards, and stories).

Sort on different attributes (iOS only)

The upper-right of the app shows the attribute currently used to sort items on the page, along with the sort order.

To sort a list differently, tap the sort attribute, and select the new attribute and sort order you want:

In this example:

  • Items are sorted by owner in alphabetical order.
  • If the tab contains multiple items by the same owner, items by that owner appear in order of most recent publishing date.
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