Work offline with favorite snapshots

Add favorite workbooks or views so you can quickly access them online or offline. When you add favorite content, Tableau Mobile saves high-resolution snapshot images of each sheet directly on your device.

The Favorites tab shows your favorites for the site you’re signed in to. When you’re connected to the server, you can refresh snapshots so they reflect the latest data.

Note: Offline snapshots are available only for Tableau Online or Tableau Server 9.0.6 and later. For versions 8.2–9.0.5, the Favorites tab supports live views only.

Browse favorite snapshots

On the Favorites tab, tap an item to view its snapshot. In snapshot mode, you can do any of the following:

  • Swipe left or right to browse snapshots, and then zoom in on images, just like you would in a photo app.

  • If the favorite is a workbook, tap the page icon in the upper-right corner to see a different view. Tap stars in the menu to favorite individual sheets.

  • If you’re connected to the Tableau server, tap the snapshot image to interact with the live view. For more information, see Explore data.

Recommendations for viewing snapshots offline

While you work offline, the Favorites tab shows snapshots from the site you were signed in to when you disconnected. Before you go offline:

  • Sign in to the site that has the favorites you want, and navigate to the Favorites tab. Then refresh all snapshots.

  • Do not tap Sign out. (Signing out clears the snapshot cache.)

Refresh snapshots

On both iOS and Android, you can manually refresh snapshots to reflect the latest content. Sign in to your Tableau server and do either of the following:

  • To update all snapshots, navigate to Favorites, and then pull down the snapshot list.

  • To update an individual snapshot, tap to display it, and then tap the Refresh button in the app controls.

When you're signed in to a Tableau server, Tableau Mobile for iOS also refreshes snapshots in the background, while you use other apps. The refresh frequency depends on how often you use Tableau Mobile relative to other apps.

Tip: If your snapshots aren't refreshing automatically in iOS, tap Settings. On the left, scroll down and tap General. Then tap Background App Refresh to access global and app-specific settings.

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