Tableau License Types

Now more than ever, people need access to data to do their jobs better, but their relationship to data can differ. Tableau’s role-based licenses allow you to deploy data broadly across your organization to users of all skill levels. These roles will allow you to share data with your teams in a secure way, while allowing for the differences in the way people interact with data.

License types are hierarchical. With appropriate permissions, Creators can access the full functionality of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server/Online, and Tableau Prep Builder. Explorers have access to a subset of these capabilities via Tableau Server/Online, and Viewers receive a limited set of Tableau Server permissions based on the needs of someone who views and interacts only.

Tableau Creator

The Creator license is designed for users who build content. This can include the design, cleaning, and curation of data sources, which others will use to analyze governed data, or the creation of visualizations and dashboards with which other users will interact. It also includes designing governance and permissions models that dictate which information users may find.

You might be a Creator if…

  • Analytics is in your everyday job description.
  • You need to join many data sources together to perform analysis.
  • You build or curate data sources for others.
  • You need to clean and transform data in addition to analyzing it.
  • You will manage or administer a Tableau Server or Online implementation.

Tableau Explorer

The Explorer option provides governed authoring and data exploration capabilities for users who do not need the full data transformation capabilities of Tableau Prep Builder, or the ability to publish or connect to raw data sources. Explorers may access and analyze published data, create and distribute their own dashboards, and manage content that they have built or have been given the permission to edit.

You might be an Explorer if…

  • You are a Line of Business data user who likes to get hands-on with data.
  • You need to create your own visualizations using data sources curated by others.
  • You want to take visualizations and dashboards built by others and edit or customize them.
  • You will administer content on a Tableau Server or Online site.

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewers can view and interact with published visualizations and dashboards. These users can be given permission to access published content and interact with guided drill paths and filters. They can also subscribe to dashboards to get periodic updates and receive data-driven alerts.

You might be a Viewer if…

  • You need data-oriented insights to do your job, but you don’t have time or skills to do deep analytics yourself.
  • You want to interact with visuals others have built, but not build your own.

Depending on the level of interest within different business groups in your organization, your allocation of Creator, Explorer, and Viewer license types will vary. However, a typical Tableau deployment will need to assure that users with certain responsibilities receive the appropriate license type and corresponding education.

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