Mapping ConnectionType Names

Using the Tableau Server REST API, you can access connection information used by data sources, workbooks, and flows.

In some cases you might need to identify the connection type used by the content. When you request information about databases, the request returns a “connectionType” attribute in the response body. The value returned for the "connectionType" attribute is the name of the connection type.

Use the table below to map the "connectionType" name to the connection name that's displayed in various places within the Tableau platform.

ConnectionType Name Display Name
asterncluster Aster Database
athena Amazon Athena
aurora Amazon Aurora for MySQL
awshadoophive Amazon EMR Hadoop Hive
azure_sql_dw Azure SQL Data Warehouse
bigquery Google BigQuery
bigsql IBM BigInsights
box Box
cloudfile:box-excel-direct Microsoft Excel (Box)
cloudfile:box-semistructpassivestore-direct JSON file (Box)
cloudfile:box-textscan Text file (Box)
cloudfile:dropbox-excel-direct Microsoft Excel (Dropbox)
cloudfile:dropbox-semistructpassivestore-direct JSON file (Dropbox)
cloudfile:dropbox-textscan Text file (Dropbox)
cloudfile:googledrive-excel-direct Microsoft Excel (Google Drive)
cloudfile:googledrive-semistructpassivestore-direct JSON file (Google Drive)
cloudfile:googledrive-textscan Text file (Google Drive)
cloudfile:onedrive-excel-direct Microsoft Excel (OneDrive)
cloudfile:onedrive-semistructpassivestore-direct JSON file (OneDrive)
cloudfile:onedrive-textscan Text file (OneDrive)
composite TIBCO Data Virtualization
csv Text file (legacy)
databricks Databricks
dataengine Tableau Data Engine
db2 IBM DB2
denodo Denodo
drill Apache Drill


essbase Oracle Essbase
exasolution Exasol
excel Microsoft Excel (legacy)
excel-direct Microsoft Excel
excel-reader Microsoft Excel Reader
firebird Firebird
genericjdbc Other Databases (JDBC)
genericodbc Other Databases (ODBC)
google-analytics Google Analytics
googlecloudsql Google Cloud SQL
googledrive Google Drive
google-sheets Google Sheets
greenplum Pivotal Greenplum Database
hadoophive Cloudera Hadoop
hive Apache Hive
hortonworkshadoophive Hortonworks Hadoop Hive
hyper Tableau Data Engine
jdbc Other Databases (JDBC) Note: This might display as "unknown."
kognitio Kognitio
maprhadoophive MapR Hadoop Hive
mariadb MariaDB
marklogic MarkLogic
memsql MemSQL
monetdb MonetDB
mongodb MongoDB BI Connector
msaccess Microsoft Access
msolap Microsoft Analysis Services
mysql MySQL
mysql_odbc Other Databases (ODBC) Note: This might display as "unknown."
netezza IBM PDA (Netezza)
odata OData
odbc Other Databases (ODBC) Note: This might display as "unknown."
ogr Spatial file
ogrdirect Spatial file
onedrive OneDrive
oracle Oracle
paraccel Actian Matrix
pdf PDF file
postgres PostgreSQL
powerpivot Microsoft PowerPivot
presto Presto
progressopenedge Progress OpenEdge
redshift Amazon Redshift
remote-domain Tableau Server
salesforce Salesforce
sapbw SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
saphana SAP HANA
semistructpassivestore JSON file Note: This might display as blank.
semistructpassivestore-direct JSON file
sharepoint SharePoint Lists
snowflake Snowflake
spark Spark SQL
splunk Splunk
sqlproxy Tableau Server
sqlserver Microsoft SQL Server
stat Statistical file
stat-direct Statistical file
sybasease SAP Sybase ASE
sybaseiq SAP Sybase IQ
tbio Teradata OLAP Connector
teradata Teradata
textclean Text file
textscan Text file
vectorwise Actian Vector
vertica Vertica
vizengine VizEngine
webdata Web Data Connector
webdata-direct Web Data Connector
webdata-direct:anaplan-anaplan Anaplan
webdata-direct:google-ads Google Ads
webdata-direct:intuit-quickbooks Intuit QuickBooks Online (9.3-2018.1)
webdata-direct:intuit-quickbooks-v3 Intuit QuickBooks Online
webdata-direct:marketo-marketo Marketo
webdata-direct:oracle-eloqua Oracle Eloqua
webdata-direct:ServiceNowITSM-ServiceNowITSM ServiceNow ITSM

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