Part I. SQL Reference

This part documents the SQL language supported in Hyper, including statements and datatypes.

Table of Contents

1. Data Types
1.1. Numeric Types
1.2. Character Types
1.3. Binary Data Types
1.4. Date/Time Types
1.5. Boolean Type
2. Functions and Operators
2.1. Logical Operators
2.2. Comparison Functions and Operators
2.3. Mathematical Functions and Operators
2.4. String Functions and Operators
2.5. Pattern Matching
2.6. Data Type Formatting Functions
2.7. Date/Time Functions and Operators
2.8. Conditional Expressions
2.9. Aggregate Functions
2.10. Window Functions and Queries
2.11. Subquery Expressions
2.12. Row Comparisons
2.13. Set Returning Functions
2.14. Geographic Functions
3. SQL Commands
ALTER SCHEMA — change properties of a schema
ALTER TABLE — change the definition of a table
CREATE DATABASE — create a new database
CREATE SCHEMA — define a new schema
CREATE TABLE — define a new table
CREATE TABLE AS — define a new table from the results of a query
COPY — copy data between a file and a table
DEALLOCATE — deallocate a prepared statement
DELETE — delete rows of a table
DROP DATABASE — remove a database
DROP SCHEMA — remove a schema
DROP TABLE — remove a table
EXECUTE — execute a prepared statement
INSERT — create new rows in a table
PREPARE — prepare a statement for execution
SELECT — retrieve rows from a table or view
TRUNCATE — empty a table
UPDATE — update rows of a table