5.1. Date and Time Settings

These settings control how date and time data is handled in a Hyper connection.

5.1.1. lc_time

Controls the Locale setting that is used for dates. A Locale controls which cultural preferences the application should apply. For example, the literal Januar 1. 2002 can be converted to a date with the German locale de but not with the English locale en_US.

Default value: en_US

Allowed values start with a two-letter ISO-639 language code and an optional two-letter ISO-3166 country code. If a country code is used, an underscore has to be used to separate it from the language code. Some examples are: en_US (English: United States), en_GB (English: Great Britain), de (German), de_AT (German: Austria).


This setting has no influence on the order of day, month, and year inside a date literal. This is controlled by the date_style setting.

5.1.2. date_style

Controls how date strings are interpreted. Y, M and D stand for Year, Month, and Day respectively.

For example, the string 01/02/2000 could be interpreted as 2nd of January 2000 or 1st of February 2000. The first possibility is chosen with the MDY date style while the second is chosen with the DMY date style.

This setting also affects date parsing from CSV files.

Default value: MDY

Accepted values: MDY, DMY, YMD, YDM