4.2. Connectivity Settings

These settings control how Hyper communicates with it's clients.

4.2.1. domain_socket_dir


This Setting has no effect on Windows machines.

Specifies the directory that Hyper uses for domain sockets. It only has an effect if Hyper uses domain sockets (using domain sockets is the default behavior, see: use_tcp_port).

Default value: /tmp


The maximum path length for valid domain sockets is limited on many platforms. It is therefore recommended to use a short path as the domain socket directory.

4.2.2. use_tcp_port

If this setting is set to a port number or the special auto value, Hyper will use the TCP protocol to communicate with clients. If auto is passed, Hyper will automatically pick an available port. Otherwise, the passed port number is used. If this setting is set to off, which is the default value, Hyper will use named pipes on Windows and domain sockets on Linux and macOS.

If TCP communication is desired, it is recommended to use the automatic port detection by passing auto instead of an explicit port.

Default value: off

Accepted values: auto, off or a port number between 1 and 65535