Tableau Hyper API

The Hyper API contains a set of functions you can use to automate your interactions with Tableau extract (.hyper) files. You can use the API to create new extract files, or to open existing files, and then insert, delete, update, or read data from those files. Using the Hyper API developers and administrators can:

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Do more using the power of Hyper

In addition to supporting the features of the previous Extract API 2.0 for creating and updating extract files, the Hyper API provides access to new features:

The Hyper API gives you the tools for interacting with local .hyper extract files. For information about how to programmatically publish the extracts to Tableau Server, see the Tableau Server REST API and the Tableau Server Client (Python) library.

Supported languages

The Hyper API only supports 64-bit platforms. The Hyper API libraries are available for the following programming languages:

While it is expected that the Hyper API will work on newer versions of these languages, it may not be fully tested.

Supported platforms

Hardware requirements

The Hyper API has the following minimum hardware requirements.