Publish Hyper Files

There are multiple ways you can publish .hyper files to Tableau Server, the options you have depend upon whether your file contains a single-table or multiple-tables. Programmatically publishing a .hyper files, using the REST API or Tableau Server Client library, has special requirements.

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Publish single-table Hyper files

If your .hyper file has a single table, you have several options for publishing your extract to Tableau Server.

Publish multiple-table Hyper files

If your .hyper file has multiple tables, you can publish your extract to Tableau Server using Option 1 or Option 3, as described for single-table Hyper files. However, you can’t use Option 2 to directly publish the Hyper file with tabcmd, the Tableau REST API, or the Tableau Server Client Library (Python). This is because that option requires that the .hyper file to have a single table named Extract that uses the Extract schema (Extract.Extract).

However, there is a way to use the Hyper API and the Tableau Server Client Library (Python) to publish a multi-table .hyper file by swapping out the file in an existing packaged data source file (.tdsx). For an example of how to do this, see the sample code Publishing a Multi-Table Hyper File to Tableau Online, Tableau Server.