What's New in the Extract API 2.0

What's new in the Extract API for 2018.3

Added in the Extract API for Tableau 10.5

  • This is the initial release of the Extract API 2.0.
  • The Extract API 2.0 incorporates and expands functionality that was previously available in the Tableau SDK, but only works to create .hyper files, supported in Tableau 10.5 and later. You can continue to use the Tableau SDK to create .tde files for previous versions of Tableau. To publish extracts, use the Tableau Server REST API, or the Tableau Server Client (Python) Library. To refresh extracts, use the Tableau Server REST API.
  • The Extract API 2.0 provides only 64-bit versions of the client libraries. You need to use 64-bit versions of the tools to compile the libraries and samples.


For more information about upgrading to the Extract API 2.0, see: