Using the Extract API 2.0 with Python

This topic describes how to install the Extract API for Python and how to reference the Extract API library in Python code.

Note: To perform these steps, you must run as a user who has administrator access.

  1. Extract the Python package that you downloaded into a directory on your computer. For details, see Installing the Extract API 2.0.

  2. At the command line, go to the directory where you extracted the package.

  3. Open a command window as a root or administrator user.

  4. On a Windows computer, run the following commands:

    python build
    python install

    On a Linux or Apple computer, use the following commands:

    sudo python install

    After entering the sudo command, you might be asked to enter your password.

  5. In your Python code, import the API that you want to work with using syntax like this:

    from tableausdk import *
    from tableausdk.HyperExtract import *